Ep 68: Social Media in Medicine #1: Dr. Eric Burnett

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This is the first episode in our series, “Social Media in Medicine,” where the Medicus team will be speaking with medical social media influencers about their experiences utilizing these new social platforms to further their goals as professionals. For students or medical professionals who are interested in this budding sector of healthcare, this series will explore the advantages, motivations, and downfalls of social media in presenting medical information to the general public. 

Our first guest, Dr. Eric Burnett, is a hospitalist at New York-Presbyterian / Columbia University Irving Medical Center who has been diligently working throughout the COVID-19 pandemic both within the hospital and online. Dr. Eric Burnett created his Tiktok account in June 2020 and has since garnered over 230k followers and 7 million likes, a viral following that he has used to spread factually medical information about the COVID-19 pandemic this past year.

Episode produced by: Aaron Deng and Rasa Valiauga

Episode recording date: 4/16/21