Ep 70: Dr. Marchalik – The Physician Who Started a Bookclub in Medical School and Can’t Seem to Put the Books Down

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Interested in thinking more about the intersection between literature and medicine? We were – and found an expert of the topic at the Georgetown School of Medicine. 

Dr. Marchalik is the creator and director of the Literature in Medicine Track at Georgetown and the associate director of the Medical Humanities Initiative. He also holds a masters in English literature from Georgetown and contributes a monthly column in The Lancet medical journal, where he discusses literature and its overlap with medicine and public health. Basically, we want to know what he is reading and when he sleeps. 

Join Brendan and Katherine as we talk with Dr. Marchalik about books, why you should keep reading them in medical school and beyond, and how they might even help you fight burnout in medicine. So what are you waiting for? Click on the link already, this episode is clearly a real page turner. 

Episode produced by: Katherine Mott and Brendan Connolly