Ep 84: High Yield Wisdom from “Pathoma” Creator, Dr. Husain Sattar, MD

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You know his voice. You own and love his review book. He’s your go-to person for your medical school pathology studies. You must be thinking – there’s no way that Dr. Husain Sattar, MD was interviewed in this episode – well, think again!

In this episode, we interviewed the one and only, Dr. Husain Sattar, MD, creator and author of “Pathoma.” In addition to teaching medical students high yield USMLE STEP1 content, Dr. Sattar is a professor of Pathology at The University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine and a practicing surgical pathologist. He specializes in breast pathology.

What you probably do not know about Dr. Sattar, however, is his non-linear path to medicine. In fact, he took a substantial amount of time off from medical school. He changed his mind about his specialty and career goals several times. Along the way, he developed his inspiring teaching talents and accrued important life lessons and perspectives, which he imparts in this episode. So, take a break from studying Pathoma to understand the wisdom and intentions that drove the book’s inception in the first place. Trust us, you’ll return to your studying, and time on the wards as well, feeling especially inspired and grateful.

Episode produced by: Aaron Deng and Emily Hagen

Episode recording date: 3/2/2022