Ep 85: Medical School Admissions — What a Rush!

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This episode is for all you pre-medical students who are aspiring to apply for medical school. 

Today, we have a special guest, Dr. Jill M. Volk who currently serves in two capacities at Rush Medical College in Chicago, IL — Director of Admissions and Recruitment and Director of Diversity and Inclusion. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Illinois Wesleyan University, Master of Science in Education degree from Eastern Illinois University and has focused her entire career on student development. Before settling into the Admissions, Jill worked as Assistant Dean of Students at Lake Forest College where her primary functions were residence life and judicial affairs; Director of Student Affairs at Rush University where she focused her energies on new student orientation, commencement, student organizations, and advising; and Director of Special Programs for Rush Medical College where she devoted her time to orientation, special events within the medical college, scholarship processing and awarding, and residency selection programs. With her nearly 15 years of experience in admissions and recruitment, Jill has a broad knowledge of admissions, recruitment, financial aid and assists prospective students in all aspects of the admissions process. On the national level, Jill was a member of the AMCAS Admission Processing Solution Implemental Advisory Committee which advised AMCAS as they work through implementation plans and decisions regarding a new medical school admission processing product and served as the Executive Secretary/Treasurer of the Central Group on Student Affairs. In her spare time, Jill enjoys all the things Chicago has to offer including neighborhood dining, the lake, theater, and of course summer festivals.

Episode produced by: Aaron Deng and Isabelle Tan

Episode recording date: 2/10/2022