Episode 10 | A Physician’s Balancing Act

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Part of being a physician is establishing a balance between personal life and work life. On this episode of Medicus, Dr. Bernadette Aulivola joins us to discuss how she is able to manage her roles as a mother and wife, while also being a physician in the demanding field of vascular surgery. Dr. Aulivola also dives into a variety of other topics such as her clinical area of interest, which is to save legs from requiring amputation with techniques to improve blood flow, as well as the progression of women representation in surgical specialties. Did we also mention that Dr. Aulivola practices transcendental meditation?

Tune in to Medicus to learn more about how this amazing multitasker does it all!

Dr. Bernadette Aulivola received her medical degree from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. She is one of 4 doctors at Edward Hines, Jr. Veterans Affairs Hospital and one of 6 at Loyola Medicine Gottlieb Memorial Hospital who specialize in Vascular Surgery.

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