Episode 14 | Healthcare on the Hill: Working for the AMA

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Listen as current medical student Blake Murphy coaches us on how to get educated about healthcare policy and become involved in advocacy. Serving as this year’s Government Relations Advocacy Fellow (GRAF) for the American Medical Association (AMA), she has been learning how policy is informed and enacted at the national level. Our discussion will leave you eager to become involved with issues impacting healthcare delivery and patients across the US!

After completing 2 years of medical school at Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine, Blake Elizabeth Murphy is serving as Government Relations Advocacy Fellow (GRAF) in Washington, D.C. Blake first joined the AMA in early 2017, attending the Medical Student Advocacy and Region Conference (MARC) in D.C. This formative experience ignited her interest in health care policy and patient advocacy. Blake hopes to pursue a career in general surgery upon return to medical school while working to tackle health disparities that exist in large cities such as her hometown of Chicago.

As GRAF, Blake plans to learn as much as possible about the legislative process, advocacy infrastructure and political realities that drive AMA policy. She looks forward to sharing this experience with her medical school contemporaries, promoting engagement in medicine and medical student advocacy as part of the AMA’s Succeeding In Medical School (SIMS) program and organizing a successful National Advocacy Week and 2019 MARC.

Outside of work, Blake loves exploring the D.C. restaurant scene, travel and getting in a good sweat between the Maryland blue crab boils.

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