Episode 23 | MS4 Perspective: Pediatrics

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In this 4th year medical student (MS4) specialty episode, we investigate the field of Pediatrics. Our specialty series with 4th year medical students consists of three parts. Part I consists of a discussion about the field. Here, we will learn about the reasons why our guests have decided to pursue a career in this specialty, likes/dislikes about the field, and common stereotypes surrounding the field. Part II explores what it takes to match into the field. Our discussions in this section include ways in which medical students can become a competitive applicant for this specialty, tips for rotations in this specialty, advice on structuring your curriculum, and ways to evaluate which residency programs to apply to. Part III is the general advice section. Here, our 4th year students will reveal the secrets to success for each year of medical school, as well as advice for pre-med students, gap year students, excelling on board exams, and more.

Our guests in this episode, Tara Funk and Hannah Friedman, completed their medical education at the Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine. Tara is a graduate from Baylor University, and completed a dual degree in business and pre-medicine. To prepare for her application for medical school, she did research and scribed in an emergency department after graduating. Tara has always had interests in medicine, and originally had thoughts of becoming a veterinarian before realizing that medical school was her true calling. Tara also “couples matched” with her partner, who is currently in an emergency medicine residency. A native of Colorado, Hannah completed her undergraduate degree at Wellesley College with a degree in psychology. She would then spend two years at Yale University as a research fellow before applying to medical school. Hannah says she has always wanted to be a pediatrician, and is excited to pursue her dream career. Today, both Tara and Hannah are in their first year of Pediatrics residency at the University of Michigan and the University of Colorado Boulder respectively.

For advice, tips, and a glimpse into the lives of medical students pursuing a career in Pediatrics, follow along!