Episode 25 | Hypnosis, Acupuncture, and Integrative Medicine

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On this episode we take a look into complementary and alternative medicine. Does hypnosis actually work? Can a certain herbal medicine make me live longer? These are some of the questions we ask Dr. Kit Lee, a Family Medicine physician at Loyola University Medical Center. While medical education programs spend little class time addressing non-traditional therapies, the NIH’s National Center for Complementary and Integrative health reports that about 38% of adults and 12% of children currently use some type of complementary and alternative (CAM) therapy. 

Dr. Kit Lee

To shed some light onto CAM therapies like chiropractic/osteopathic manipulation, acupuncture, aromatherapy, biofeedback therapy, biofield therapy, herbal medicine, hypnosis, meditation, naturopathy, and yoga, we brought in a champion of CAM therapy, Dr. Kit Lee. Dr. Lee completed her undergraduate and medical education at Northwestern University, and completed her residency at MacNeal Hospital in Berwyn, IL. She is board certified in medical acupuncture and is a certified yoga instructor. Additionally, she has professional training in mind, body spirit medicine and training in medical hypnosis. If you have wanted to hear some of the research, science, and anecdotal testaments behind complementary and alternative medicine, be sure to give this one a listen!