Episode 33 | Medical Myths: Women’s Sexual Health with Jen Romanello

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Welcome to “Medical Myths,”  a new series on the Medicus podcast where we explore misinformation and common misunderstandings in the healthcare world, with the goal to help dispel common myths and promote education and awareness.

Today’s episode focuses on women’s health, specifically women’s pleasure and pain. We interviewed Jen Romanello, a medical student at Rush Medical College in Chicago who has previously done extensive work in women’s health, which she considers a passion.

Before medical school, Jen was an Ambassador at Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington, DC. In this role, she created a panel with local physicians and health educators open to the public titled, “I LIKE IT: A Conversation on Female Pleasure and Sexual Communication” on raising the consciousness of how women can more readily identify and communicate what is pleasurable for them in their own lives. She has worked at a global fertility practice doing clinical research and also served on the organization’s ethics committee. She keeps a blog about exploring the intersection of bioethics, women’s health, and identity, and she graduated from the George Washington University with B.S. in Biological Sciences and a minor in Applied Ethics.

So, how “cliterate” are you? What myths about women’s health are you holding onto? Tune in to find out!

Correction to episode: The urologist cited in the podcast has a fellowship in “Male and Female Sexual Dysfunction” not “Sexual Medicine”

Episode produced by Emily Hagen & Brendan Connolly