Episode 52 – Pediatric Bioethics with Anesthesiologist Dr. Alyssa Burgart

Dr. Alyssa Burgart is a board certified pediatric anesthesiologist and bioethicist. She specializes in pediatric anesthesia and pediatric abdominal transplant anesthesia. She also has a joint appointment in the Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics, serves as the Co-Chair of the LPCH Ethics Committee and as a member of the SHC Ethics Committee. She provides ethics consultation services for people of all ages. Her ethics interests include pediatric ethics, organ transplantation, communication skills, disability rights, women’s healthcare access, adolescent decision-making, ethics education, and excellence in ethics consultation. Dr. Burgart is active on Twitter, where she comments on Anesthesiology and Bioethics issues. You can follow her at @BurgartBioethix.

Episode produced by: Emily Hagen, Brendan Connolly

Episode edited by Shawn Choe

Episode recording date: 09/21/20