Bonus Episode #1: Medical Student Experiences during COVID-19


Anisha Sharma, MS2


Guy Olsen, MS1

The COVID-19 pandemic has touched the lives of nearly everyone on the globe and has drastically changed how we live and interact on a daily basis. Join Katherine and Brittany as they speak with medical students on what the pandemic has meant for their medical education and the impact it’s had on medical student experiences. Stay tuned for three bonus episodes, including this one, where they speak with students at the Stritch School of Medicine from each class, starting with students in their preclinical years and working their way up to a fourth year student who applied to residency during the pandemic.

In today’s bonus episode, Brittany and Katherine speak with Anisha Sharma and Guy Olson about how they are navigating their first and second years of medical school, mainly from home.

While every medical school is handling the pandemic a little differently, let us show you how it has impacted our students and sit with us as we contemplate how it may change medical education for years to come.

Episode produced by: Brittany Zelch, Katherine Mott

Episode recording date: January 2021