Episode 59

Financial Literacy, Student Loans, and House Hacking in Residency with Dr. Will Brundidge

We sit down with Dr. Will Brundidge to discuss financial education from the lens of a resident. Will is a PGY-4 Med/Peds senior at Loyola University Hospital Systems. Outside of spending time with his family, Will has interests in financial independence and real estate. Currently, Will and his wife own and rent out properties in both the California and Chicagoland areas. Through a process known as “House Hacking”, he serves as both a tenant/landlord in a triplex unit to obtain supplemental streams of income to offset his monthly mortgage. We also discuss certain principles of financial education every healthcare-professional-in-training should be aware of, including student loan management, contract negotiations, and financial mentorship. This podcast is for information purposes only; no member of this podcast is a licensed financial advisor. 


Episode produced by: Alek Druck

Episode recording date: 3/30/21