61Getting Sued for Malpractice: Dr. Stacia Dearmin05.12.21
60Bonus Episode #2: Medical Student Experiences during COVID-1905.05.21
59Financial Literacy, Student Loans, and House Hacking in Residency with Dr. Will Brundidge04.28.21
58Supporting Trans Patients Part 2 with Lucas Greeff04.21.21
57Supporting Trans Patients Part 1 with Lucas Greeff04.14.21
56Global Service in Medicine with Dr. Amy Blair03.31.21
55Bonus Episode #1: Medical Student Experiences during COVID-1903.24.21
54Leadership in Medicine with Nicolette Codispoti03.17.21
53Emotional Intelligence with Dr. Ramzan Shahid03.03.21
52Pediatric Bioethics with Anesthesiologist Dr. Alyssa Burgart02.17.21
51Switching Specialties During Residency – From Internist to Pathologist02.03.21
50Interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci – Beyond Physician Leadership: Values, Virtue, and Character01.29.21
49Achieving Success in Academic Medicine – From a Female Pelvic Medicine & Reconstructive Surgeon 01.20.21
48Blazing New Trails and Staying Grounded: Words of Wisdom from Neurosurgeon Dr. Boockvar of Netflix’s “Lenox Hill”01.08.21
47 Dismantling Racism Utilizing the Power of the White Coat: White Coats for Black Lives12.25.20
46Non-Traditional Path to Medicine: From PhD to Dr. Dr.12.11.20
45Tackling Physician Suicide, In Loving Memory of Nicole Marie Walls11.27.20
44What’s it like to be a travelling doctor? Locum Tenens with Carrie Reynolds11.14.20
43Disability Advocacy and the Community Emergency Services and Support Act (CESSA) – Justin Cooper10.30.20
42Treating Patients with Opioid Use Disorder06.26.20
41Supporting Children with Special Needs – Sharon Pike04.25.20
40Medical Myths: Undocumented Immigrants and
Healthcare – w/ Dr. Mark Kuczewski
39What happens if you don’t match? SOAP –
Dr. Liza Brecher
38Medical Myths: Admissions – Dean Nabers02.28.20
37Race and Loss in Medicine: Hermona Abera01.25.20
36Disability in Medicine: Adam Wadina01.18.20
35Non-Traditional Paths to Medicine:
Law to Medicine
34Non-Traditional Paths to Medicine:
From Marketing to Med School
33Medical Myths: Women’s Sexual Health with
Jen Romanello
32Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy –
Dr. Timothy Buckley
31Dying with Dignity – A Discussion on
Palliative Medicine with Dr. Aziz Ansari
30Patient Perspective: Moonwalking Through
Breast Cancer
29Experiences From a One-Year Fellowship at a
Rural Bolivian Clinic
28Women Leaders in Medicine – Dr. Shikha Jain10.11.19
27MS4 Perspective: Obstetrics & Gynecology09.27.19
26Patient Perspective: Surviving Pediatric Cancer09.15.19
25Hypnosis, Acupuncture, and Integrative Medicine08.30.19
24Dr. Kamran Mirza – “#twitterhomework,
#103%, #pathology, and more”
23MS4 Perspective: Pediatrics08.18.19
22MS4 Perspective: Ophthalmology08.10.19
21Community Health – How Free Clinics Provide for
Low-Income Individuals
20MS4 Perspective: Neurology07.26.19
19The Anatomy of Dr. Dauzvardis07.19.19
18Summing Up the USMLE Step 107.12.19
17Why Would a Physician Get an MBA?04.19.19
16The Syrian Refugee Crisis and Islamophobia 04.12.19
15MS4 Perspective: Internal Medicine04.05.19
14Healthcare on the Hill – Working for the AMA03.29.19
13Healthcare Behind Bars03.22.19
12Becoming a Resilient Physician03.15.19
11Should Step 1 Be Pass/Fail?03.08.19
10A Physician’s Balancing Act03.01.19
09Caring for Veterans – The VA Healthcare System02.22.19
08Valentine’s Special, Part 2
Being a Parent in Medical School and Residency
07Valentine’s Special, Part 1
Relationships and Marriage in Medical School
06MS4 Perspective: Emergency Medicine02.08.19
05Undocumented Physicians02.01.19
04Bioethics and Faith in Medicine01.25.19
03Must-Hear Discussion on Medical
School Admissions
02MS4 Perspective: General Surgery01.11.19
01A Deep Dive into Medical Eduction, 
Med-Peds, and Much More