Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of podcast is this?

We cover a broad range of topics relating to the the field of medicine such as practical advice, research, current events and much more. We have interviewed many physicians and medical students, but we also interview administrators in the medical school, allied health professionals, and anyone else with a connection to medicine. If you are interested in listening to previous podcasts to get an idea of the type of topics that we cover you can go to or find us on iTunes or most other podcast apps.

Who listens to the show?

A significant portion of our listeners are students, residents, and faculty in the Loyola community. However, we also know that 70% of our audience lives outside of Illinois. We haven’t done any surveys to determine our demographics, but we assume that most of those listeners are medical professionals and students that have found the podcast through social media. Our average episode gets about 400 listens with the most popular episode having over 4000.

How long will the recording take?

A typical recording will take between 1-2 hours. Before starting we will need to spend 10 minutes dialing in the microphone settings with you. The actual interview should take around 45-60 minutes depending on the flow of the conversation.

Where will we record?

If possible, we like to record the interview in one of the rooms at the Loyola School of Medicine building, often in the basement where it is quieter. We will reserve the room and let you know the room number beforehand. If you are not at Loyola or prefer an online interview we can definitely accommodate that request as well.

Is the podcast streamed live?

No, we do not stream the episodes live. The audio is edited and processed before we release it to the public.

What happens if I say something I regret later?

This podcast is for entertainment and educational purposes only and we want you to feel good and sound your best. If you for whatever reason regret telling a certain story or sharing personal details please let us know ASAP and we will edit it out of the final draft.

What do I need to do to prepare?

Before the interview the host will send you a list of questions that we are planning to ask. Please look through the questions and come prepared to discuss those topics. The interview is not intended to be scripted, but we want you to feel prepared for the conversation. If you have any ideas or topics that you are passionate about please feel free to let us know before the interview so that we can do our due diligence and prepare to discuss those with you.

What should I bring to the recording?

Nothing! We will have all of the equipment set up when you arrive. However feel free to bring a water bottle and your personal headphones if you prefer them. Regardless, we always plan to have a set for you.