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Ep92 | MS4 Perspective: Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Medicus

In this 4th year medical student (MS4) series, we investigate the field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Our guest, Hye-Jin Yun, shares what led her to pursue this often overlooked specialty and how to make sure you make the most of virtual interviews. Hye-Jin ("HJ") Yun is the former MS4 Class President and recent graduate of Loyola Stritch School of Medicine. She is a preliminary intern at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco and will be training at Stanford University for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R). As a former performer, she holds a certificate in Performing Arts Medicine. Her passion includes utilizing social media to mentor, empower, and provide exposure to the wonderful world of physiatry. You can contact HJ via Instagram @doc.ladywonder or email ( Episode produced by: Rasa Valiauga Episode recording date: 5/30/22 | | Donate: — Send in a voice message:
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