Our favorite podcasts for medical students and pre-meds

What podcasts are Medicus producers listening to? Our staff sent in their favorite medical podcasts and we curated a list of 17 excellent shows that you should check out!

#1 Medicus

Sorry, we just had to put ourselves first. But that’s because Medicus is the best podcast out there…just kidding…but maybe not kidding? For anyone unfamiliar, Medicus is a podcast about medicine from a professional perspective. We’re not trying to teach you medicine, but instead bring in guests to talk about hot topics in the field.

Here are some popular episodes you might enjoy

#2 The Undifferentiated Medical Student

Trying to pick a specialty? Dr. Ian Drummond interviewed over 70 physicians while in his 4th year of medical school to really get an idea of the nuts and bolts behind each of the 120 specialties and subspecialties listed on the AAMC careers in medicine website. Fun fact: Ian also has the sexiest voice in all of the medical podcasting community.

Here are some of our favorite episodes:

#3 The White Coat Investor

So you’ve got 300k in students loans and you’re not sure how to pay them off? This is the podcast for you. Dr. Jim Dahle writes, blogs, and podcasts about hundreds of different financial topics on his website whitecoatinvestor.com as well as in his book which you can get as an audiobook. This is a great resource to learn all of the financial info that med school won’t teach you (probably because none of your professors know it themselves).

Here are some of our favorite episodes:

#4 Sawbones

Dr Sydnee McElroy is joined by her husband, comedian Justin McElroy for a humorous take on the history of medicine and all of the “dumb, bad, gross, weird and wrong ways we’ve tried to fix people.”

Here are some of our favorite episodes:

#5 Hippocratic Hustle

Dr. Carrie Reynolds shares the stories of women physicians who found their freedom via entrepreneurial pursuits or side-projects. She also touches on many important financial and professional topics that are important for success in your medical career.

Here are some of our favorite episodes:

#6 The Short Coat

A team of students from the University of Iowa medical school lead by Dr Dave Etler come together to make witty banter, discuss medical school, and answer listener questions.

Here are some of our favorite episodes:

#7 Docs Outside the Box

Dr. Nii Darko is not just a doc, he’s the charismatic host of one of the best OG medical podcasts out there. He interviews physicians about the way they’ve practiced medicine “outside the box” whether that be non traditional careers or just a fun side hustle.

Here are some of our favorite episodes:

#8 The Drive

This podcast is not for those who like to swim on the surface. Dr. Peter Attia’s podcast “explores strategies and tactics to increase lifespan, health span, and well-being, and optimize cognitive, physical, and emotional health.” While those topics might sound superficial, don’t be fooled. He goes deep into science, technologies, and health policy that will likely shape medicine in very near future. These episodes are not short, but if you enjoy long-form expert discussions, then you should definitely give this show a listen.

Here are some of our favorite episodes:

#9 This Podcast Will Kill You

Grad students studying disease ecology, Erin and Erin found themselves disenchanted with the insular world of academia. They wanted a way to share their love of epidemics and weird medical mysteries with the world, not just colleagues. Plus, who doesn’t love an excuse to have a cocktail while chatting about pus and poop?

#10 The Nocturnists

Basically The Moth, but with medical professionals. A show where healthcare workers decompress and share stories in front of a live audience.

#11 The Rush Cast

Dr. Shikha Jain, an oncologist at Rush University, talks with colleagues about important topics in cancer research and treatment. Did you know we had her as a guest on the Medicus podcast? Check it out!

Here are some of our favorite episodes:

#12 Pathpod

A pathology podcast for everyone! Listen to big movers in the pathology field share their insights and research about the field of pathology.

Here are some of our favorite episodes:

#13 Behind the Knife

Simply the best podcast for surgeons and those aspiring to be one. Behind the knife features guest interviews, topic reviews, and grand rounds style presentations about the field of surgery.

#14 Anesthesia and Critical Care Reviews and Commentary

Essentially the definitive anesthesia podcast. They aim to help trainees review for their exams and provide a forum for interesting topics, debates and interviews in the areas of anesthesia and critical care.

#15 Curbsiders

A national network of students, residents and clinician educators from across the country representing 15 different institutions. On the show they “curbside” the experts to deconstruct various topics in the world of medicine to provide listeners with clinical pearls, practice changing knowledge and bad puns.

#16 The Clinical Problem Solvers

Not sure if your professors really know what they’re talking about? Get a second opinion on some basic medical concepts and review clinical scenarios. Also check out clinicalproblemsolving.com for charts and diagrams related to medical diagnosis.

Here are some of our favorite episodes:

#17 Talking Admissions and Med Student Life

Dr. Benjamin Chan, Dean of Admissions at the University of Utah, hosts this excellent podcast for premeds trying to understand what it takes to get accepted to medical school. He interviews current students and dives into the experiences that led them to medicine.